Bracelets - 14K Gold 8 MM Beaded Ball READY TO SHIP

Bracelets - 14K Gold 8 MM Beaded Ball READY TO SHIP

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Our simple yet elegant gold beaded elastic bracelet is made up of 14K gold plated stainless steel beads, which are hypoallergenic, durable and tarnish-free. Please note, our 18K gold bracelets are more of a yellow gold than this 14K gold plated beaded bracelet. This 8 MM beaded ball bracelet comes in 3 different lengths. Please measure carefully before selecting the size that works best for you. 

WRIST PLACEMENT:  Please measure your wrist in the area your beads will be worn.  For example, above your watch or below your watch.

TO MEASURE: Use a flexible measuring tape or grab a ruler and something flexible to wrap around your wrist, such as ribbon or even a strip of paper. Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist ensuring contact with the skin all the around. Please make sure to wrap all the way around your wrist bone if you are choosing a lower wrist placement.

6.5” fits up to a 6” wrist placement

7.5” fits up to a 7” wrist placement

8.5 fits up to an 8” wrist placement

This item is READY TO SHIP and will ship next business day.